Cities & Clusters

We help create modern living and working environments that enhance productivity and livability, while helping governments attract talent and stimulate growth.


  • Ever increasing global pressure for states and cities to provide attractive environment for citizens and companies
  • Governments seeking to attract talent and to stimulate R&D, innovation, entrepreneurship and hence economic growth
  • Higher customer expectations regarding factors such as health, safety, traffic connectivity, and social infrastructure such as education, leisure, and recreational options

Measures & Benefits

  • Developing innovative concepts for business and innovation clusters and urban developments while keeping a strong focus on human needs Differentiation from main competition
  • Creating integrated living/working/leisure environments, based on global best practices Differentiation from main competition
  • Tailoring of key elements and a synergistic development mix with offices, R&D labs, hotel, conference and event facilities, restaurants, residential, and leisure venues Achieving various synergy effects and setting new standards
  • Attracting leading partners such as anchor tenants and university/research partners ncreased project credibility and critical mass

Example Types

“Maxmakers had an important role in defining the concept and strategy for Masdar at an early stage.”

Masdar Former Director of Property Development (2005-2010)