We work with our clients to conceive and create compelling leisure, theme park, and tourist resorts that entice guests to return and are based on risk-diversified mixed-use concepts.


  • Intensifying competition in the face of increasing guest expectations (global references)
  • Meeting such client expectations with an economically viable development and operations approach
  • Finding the appropriate mix of industry expertise, operational know-how and financing

Measures & Benefits

  • We refined the development methodologies of the 20th century by providing an integrated service offering to our clients Solid planning base
  • Facilitation of international partnering Differentiation from local competition and expertise
  • Our concepts strive to be modern and authentic, educational and cool, innovative and feasible Differentiated and economically viable proposition
  • Establishing and exploiting synergies between different usage elements Maximizing visitor numbers, spend, and profitability

“We appreciate Maxmakers’ strategic, energetic, and still practical contributions.”

Pavel Trekhleb, Director General, Sochi Park JSC

Example Types



Entertainment Destinations

We help to create market-
tailored, modern and risk-
diversified entertainment
venues, such as:

  • Theme Park Resorts
  • Water Parks
  • Visitor Attractions



‘Edu-tainment’ Destinations

We make viable business cases
for projects combining education
& entertainment for the entire

  • Science Centres
  • Museums
  • Culture & Heritage



‘Shopping-tainment’ Destinations

We provide differentiation with
synergistic leisure attractions
for retail schemes:

  • Mall Solutions
  • Family Entertainment Centres
  • Themed Retail



Tourism Destinations

We help find innovative concepts
addressing today’s needs in:

  • Hospitality & Wellness
  • Confertainment
  • Marina/Beach or Mountain



Sports Destinations

Combining sports facilities with
other real estate and leisure
uses, we enhance the value for
venues such as:

  • Stadiums (usage extension)
  • Sports Cities
  • Health Venues



Nature Destinations

Inside, near or away from cities,
we can create exciting and
enjoyable projects such as:

  • Experience Farms
  • Nature Parks & Concepts
  • Family Recreation