Project Development Methodology

Process Overview:
Selected Key Questions:
  • What is the project’s context and the relevant
    market factors?
  • What is the core project vision?
  • What are the key business drivers?
  • What is the strategy and distinct project positioning?
  • Who are the target clients, and how can they be
    best attracted and served?
  • Which strategy and concept best integrates all
    circumstances and business objectives?
  • What are the key program elements?
  • What is the optimal usage mix and how do the
    various program elements best exploit synergies?
  • Which elements drive commercial viability?
  • What is the appropriate project sizing and staging?
  • How should the main components be specified?
  • What are the key requirements & guidelines for the
    development design planning?
  • How are those program elements best realized and
    functionally allocated in the given site conditions?
  • What operating performance can be expected?
  • What are the necessary operational considerations?
  • What is the approximate budget and derived
    investment need, how attractive is the investment
  • How to go to market and run the project?